Playing Cards

Tactic is a Nordic playing card factory!

We print over 20 million cards every year

A set of playing cards makes for an excellent promotional gift!

The printed surfaces of the cards provide companies, associations and organisations with unlimited possibilities to tell customers about themselves, their products and activities. In addition to entertaining moments, playing cards guarantee broad and long-lasting visibility for any brand. Playing cards are also an inexpensive corporate gift. They are easy to mail, transport and hand to a customer in person. Organisations and associations can use playing cards as a great product to collect funds.

Playing cards have plenty of media surface, and you can choose from a variety of internationally known card designs. The custom printing can be done on one or both sides of the cards.

Minimum order quantity:

  • 290 decks / custom printing on one side
  • 580 decks / custom printing on both sides

For optimal presentation, the card cases can be packed in impressive retail displays, if necessary.

  • This, however, requires an order of 2,030 decks.

The card designs used by Tactic Games Oy: 

We use the internationally known card designs: International, Royal, Big, Bridge as well as Special cards with the customer’s own design.