”First we find the corner pieces – then we start building the picture…”

Most of us like puzzles, either for the interesting images and beautiful scenes, or for the pure joy of assembling them. As a promotional product, a puzzle is one of the most memorable, as you easily spend some time putting it together. And a message relayed in a picture is sure to stay with you.

The puzzles come in several sizes – from the smallest A5 and A4 puzzles, with the glued-on frames, to larger puzzles consisting of 1,000 pieces.

Frame puzzles are an excellent promotional product for use in various events.

Frame puzzles:
A5 – 20 pieces
A4 – 28 and 40 pieces

Boxed puzzles:
34 x 48cm – 500 pieces
48 x 67cm – 1000 pieces
The large surfaces of the packaging create a great opportunity to market your product or brand. 

Minimum order quantity:

1,000 pcs for small puzzles
500 pcs for 500 and 1,000 piece puzzles