Our values

Nordic quality!

Tactic Games Oy is a Finnish family company with a long and solid history in the field of game development and manufacturing.

We are right here for you! A factory located on versatile transport routes is a real advantage when you want to get things done in the right way, quickly and in a sensible scale. Whether your needs are big or small, you will always receive flexible and fast service! 

Tactic Games has long been a big player in the Nordic countries, but it has also grown into the largest game factory in Northern Europe..

We are professionals in the field of game products! With almost 50 years of experience, our game designs, graphic expertise and production, which is specialised in manufacturing games, are the best in their field.

Guaranteed quality! Our games exhibit the highest quality in their content as well as their printing process. By choosing a Tactic product, you can showcase the quality of your message all the way to its recipient!

We manufacture millions of game products for export every year, so we are on the cutting edge of the game business and the latest trends.

The recipient of a promotional product spends time with the game – so your message is guaranteed get noticed. Happy moments spent playing a game create new memories, and the giver of the gift will not be forgotten either.