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Tactic Publishing publishes Finnish and translated children’s picture books, story books and learning books, as well as coloring books, activity books and sticker books, and other activity products for children. We operate in all the Nordic Countries.

We want to offer the consumers and our partners high quality and commercially successful products. We thrive to meet the most exacting consumer needs, and to follow Tactic’s values in all our activities. Those values emphasize joy, interaction and enjoying time together, as well as a genuine and responsible attitude towards everything we do.

We believe in what we know but we are also open to everything new. We uphold good language, and products with high quality content and materials. Our selection contains popular as well as less known characters.

Our objective is to create moments for children and parents to enjoy together, to offer adventure and provide opportunities to learn new things.

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Contact information

The Team:

Tero Sjövall
, Nordic Sales Director
+358 (0)44 981 8718 | tero.sjovall(at)tactic.net

Jari Lehtola, Sales Representative
+358 (0)50 4412 620 | jari.lehtola(at)tactic.net

Would you like to work as an illustrator, a graphic designer, writer or a translator?

Send a sample of your work along with your contact details to: jemi.heljakka(at)tactic.net. We read and check everything, but we do not give personal feedback and we are unable return your work to you. If we are interested, we will get in touch!