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iKNOW... but I bet you don't

What is iKNOW about?

3 chip clue

The structure of the questions makes you want to play iKNOW again and again. The game contains 1 600 questions from four different fields. Each question contains three clues that vary in level of difficulty, bringing you closer to the correct answer. Do you think you’ll get the question right straightaway? Or do you want to let the other players have a go first? Strategy is an essential part of this game…

Thanks to the unique multilayered structure of the questions, you’ll find that during a single game you use less of them than you would in a traditional trivia game. This means you’ll be able to enjoy the novelty of iKNOW much longer too!

2 chip clue

Being able to guess how the other players will do brings something brand new to this game. As long as you can guess what the others know, you can get far even if you don’t know all the answers. Does your friend know sports inside and out? Will your spouse struggle with science? Play it right, and you can win big!

1 chip clue

The timeless design of this game ensures that it will look good on your shelf and on your coffee table. Simple and clean, the gleaming white box will send all the right messages. The carefully designed game board and impressive game pieces will stand out in any environment.

The answer

iKNOW is a new and exciting board game, in which you’ll need more than just knowledge or luck to win. If you know your friends and are not afraid to bet on it, you could be the winner.