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Soon you will know what iKNOW

Setting up

Place the game board on the table. Pick an iKNOW and an iBET token of a colour of your choice, as well as one white chip. Everyone else should do the same.

Place your chips on your iBET token.

The rest of the chips will constitute the ’bank’ from which the players will receive chips, and swap their one point chips to five point chips.

The Categories

Game has four different question categories:

Questions about actors, musicians, athletes, politicians and other notable people from the depths of history to our postmodern times.

GreenThe world around us
Questions about our planet - animals, geography, buildings – as well as the farthest corners of our Solar system.

YellowProducts and works of art
Questions about things created by man, from books to cars, films to albums, from fictional characters to businesses and bands.

RedPhenomena and events
Questions about important historical dates, concerts, athletic competitions, political movements, religion, natural phenomena and all sorts of silly fads.


Each question is divided into the following sections on the card:

The question
3 chip clue
2 chip clue
1 chip clue

The answer

Game chips

Each white chip is worth one point..
Each black chip is worth five white chips.

You may swap white tokens for black ones during the game, if you find it necessary.

How to play

1) Who answers first?

Pick one player to act as the reader on the first round.

If you are picked to be the reader, you won’t take part in the game in any other capacity during that round.

Pick a category and mark it on the game board with the clear category token.

Pick a question card from the case, and read a question from the category you picked. Remember NOT to read a single clue at this point.

Starting with the person on the reader’s left the other players can now place their iKNOW tokens in an empty iKNOW square on the game board. There are two iKNOW squares on each of the three levels.

The square picked by each player will tell you after which clue they will answer the question. The player with their iKNOW token on the highest level will always answer first.

2) Make your bets!

Now each player – apart from the reader – can place their iBET token in an empty circle of their choice. The player, who placed their iKNOW token highest, will get the first pick.

When it’s your turn, place your iBET token next to someone’s iKNOW token.

If you think they will know the right answer, place it on their + side...

... and it you think they will get it wrong, place it on the – side of their iKNOW token.

3) Answering the question

When you’re acting as the reader, always start with the three chip clue, regardless of whether someone had dared place their iKNOW token that high.

If there are no iKNOW tokens on a particular level, directly read out the next clue.

If there are two iKNOW tokens on a given level, the player with their iKNOW token closer to level three will always go first.

The answering player will always answer out loud, and make sure everyone heard it.

The reader won’t reveal the correct answer until the last player has given their answer. 

4) Checking the answers

Check the answers starting on highest level and moving down, and award the players their chips accordingly.

The players have two ways of earning more chips: by answering the questions correctly, and guessing the other players’ success correctly. At the end of each round, the reader will always receive two white chips.

Right answer?
For answering the question correctly, you’ll win the amount of white chips corresponding to the level on which you answered it.

You won’t lose any chips for not getting the question right.

Guessed it right?
While going through the answers, also check who guessed what.

If you guessed correctly about how another player will do, you’ll receive an extra white chip.

If your guess was wrong you’ll have to pay one white chip to the ’bank’.

Return the iKNOW and iBET tokens to each player after checking the right answers and guesses.

5) Getting ready for the next round

Whoever was the first to answer the question right, chooses the question category for the next round.

If you were the first to get the question right, move the category token onto the category you chose.

If no one knew the right answer, move the category token clockwise onto the next category symbol.

Pass the card case clockwise to the next player. Now they will act as the reader on this round.

Begin the new round by placing your iKNOW tokens on the game board.

6) End of the game

The game ends when at the end of a round, one or more players have accumulated at least 20 points worth of chips.

If there are more players than one to reach 20 points after the same round, the player with the most points is declared the winner!

Enjoy iKNOW!