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iKNOW Hit List
iKNOW Hit List

Name as many of the items on the Hit List as you can and score points! Correctly guess how many the other players will score to gain bonus points.

  • The Hit List subjects cover a large variety of topics.
  • Features a handy card holder/score keeper device!
  • Stylish game parts familiar from the original iKNOW.
  • A new, fast-playing version of the classic game.
  • Use your imagination and make clever bets to score high.
  • Battle it out with your friends or your family!

Contents: Game board, 6 iKNOW tokens, 300 cards, 1 hit list card holder, sand timer and rules. 

12+ 2-6 30+ 53956

  • Flags of the world
  • Collection Classique Tower
  • Mölkky